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Gig workers in the hospitality industry during COVID and beyond

The gig economy sees a dynamic growth attempting far beyond ridesharing and food delivery side hustles into the sphere of hospitality. 

The gig economy has unlocked the opportunity for a new type of on-demand workforce, positively impacting the hospitality industry. 

Gig work empowers people with the versatility and diversity they want while promoting independent and flexible work-life stability. This versatility allows gig workers to work on different projects for different companies, learn new skills, and add to their resumes. 

Gig-friendly works put the control back into the support of the worker. 

Several recent dynamics lead us to believe there will be an increase in gig worker practice in 2021. One of those is the growth in delivery services. 

Doordash, one of the most notable and famous delivery platforms, reported almost $2 billion in revenue this year from January to September, increasing over 200% for the same period the year before. 

With competition high amongst the food delivery services, these businesses are now competing for available workers to take on the delivery driver role.

Added reasons for gig workers include the need for social distancing monitors, temperature takers, and other COVID-19 protocol requirements that do not mean full-time payroll staffers. 

Business owners tend to either supplement their current teams with temporary employees or go full-temporary as needed.

As a business owner or gig worker, you could be benefited from knowing some excellent reasons why gig workers are such at this demand.

Gig workers help grow a business on a limited budget

One of the significant barriers to originating a firm is cost and resources. The on-demand gig economy encounters this issue head-on by providing those in hospitality with the preference of scalability, thus empowering businesses to save time, effort, and cost while ebbs and flows that come with developing efforts. 

The availability of an on-demand workforce enables employers to supply transfers swiftly while peak periods and make overstaffing expenses during off-peak sessions.

Since employers can have cash-flow issues that restrict them from obtaining more full-time workers, gig workers enable companies to systematically and cost-effectively complement the available full-time workers. 

The truth is that obtaining extra, full-time workers can be expensive and time-consuming, resulting in the anxiety of going into debt and out of business.

Employing a gig worker is an ideal low-risk resolution to scale up or scale down to fulfilling staffing necessity without overstraining your monetary resource. It can be beneficial for catering and event businesses who need to get on more catering projects without bargaining with the associated paperwork and expenses of bringing someone new on the books.

Businesses can hire gig workers while they are required

Adopting the gig economy intends that you only spend for staff when you need them. During the peak vacation or event period, when a more hands-on-deck is required, entrance to on-demand workers can resolve the obstacle of getting up quickly. 

One of the advantages of on-demand staffing is that you can fill up positions instantly on a short-term notification. On-demand staffing enables to fulfill the uncertainty, seasonality, and great turnover percentage in the hospitality industry. 

Tempshifts assists in filling shifts quickly when full-time staff may be undependable or overextended.

You can do it by serving collectively skilled, acceptable, and adjustable gig workers who can meet at a moment’s notification to approach staffing requirements. 

Typical staffing positions like banquet servers, bartenders, waiters, and hospitality workers can serve as the ideal opportunity to make up your palate and have an advantage of what the on-demand economy has to provide. 

On-demand staffing supports those in hospitality to supply shifts promptly on a short-term notification. Entrance to on-demand workers benefits to fill in the gaps during peak holidays and a busy event season. 

Hospitality is exceptionally biennial, and traditional hiring practices can leave businesses short or overstaffed very quickly. Tempshifts makes it easier than ever for hospitality companies to find immediate and reliable help during expected and unexpected peaks in demand.

Gig workers present help in periods of staff need

Adopting gig workers intends hospitality companies only spend for workers when required. 

On-demand staffing programs support making contracting and supplying changes a breeze. 

Temporary staff can give assistance and a helping hand to a business during periods of staff inadequacy such as illness, crises, or weekends. 

Exclaiming in the reserves is necessary since it is impossible for existing staff members to cover their colleagues’ shifts or workload. 

The hospitality industry frequently deals with last-minute call-outs and sudden rises in need. Sound and pre-well-qualified banquet servers, barkeepers, and hospitality staff are just a few clicks apart.

Try before you hire

Short-term gigs permit you to find out the candidate. Hiring somebody temporarily gives you the ability to see the quality of their work and decide how they agree with consumers and co-workers. 

Suppose you and your colleagues believe the temporary staff member will be an asset to the business. In that situation, you may choose to pick them full-time. 

Save up recruitment period

While having a business can be worthwhile, it can also be a challenging job and stressful. Hiring, coaching, and maintaining workers is a time-consuming and stressful method. 

Time is gold, and outsourcing the hiring method can save up precious time and sources. 

Tempshift handles the recruitment process from start to finish, allowing you to hire fast, reliable gig workers on an as-needed basis to look at the consumer service experience rather than unexciting conventional staffing. 

The hiring method can be time-consuming and monotonous, particularly when seeking the best person for the position.

Tempshift’s on-demand staffing platform saves up precious time by controlling the whole method. Now, hospitality companies can concentrate on what is vital – servicing customers and developing the business. 

There is no requirement to look through resumes or spend time interviewing appropriate candidates since Tempshift’s robust vetting set-up helps businesses gain the best-qualified gig staff.

Smooth the payment method

On-demand staffing platforms assist you in quickly fill shifts, control workers, and payout once work is complete.  

Tempshift controls the whole process, from cataloging to payment. Tech-capable staffing service providers like Tempshift relieve you from the trouble that arises with conventional recruiting and management. 

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